Jiangsu Shayin Group

SHAYIN Group Zhangjiagang Headquarter, formerly Zhangjiagang Shazhou Textile Printing & Dyeing Import & Export Co., Ltd. was built in 1976. Through the hard and outstanding efforts of SHAYIN PEOPLES and the care and support of all walks of life, the enterprise has developed from a workshop which started with a loan of 60,000 yuan to a large-scale enterprise with a total assets of 1.32 billion yuan, more than 2,300 employees, an area of more than 200,000 square meters in the factory, and integrated textile, printing and dyeing, and clothing production. The company mainly produces RAYON, cotton, cotton FLANNEL and other printing and dyeing products. More than 95% of the products are exported, sold well in more than 80 countries and regions, and are self-run more than 200 million US dollars annually. Perfect basic equipment is the unique advantage of group companies' scale operation and participation in low-cost competition in the market. The Headquarter has one 50-ton cycle fluidized bed boiler , one 65-ton cycle fluidized bed boiler and two 6 MW backpressure generator set . Self-produced 30000 tons of waterworks; the company designed and built its own daily treatment of 7000 tons of sewage treatment plants, sewage discharge reached and superior to national level discharge standards. The company's internal hydropower steam and sewage treatment prices are about 30% lower than market prices. SHAYIN Group Zhangjiagang Headquarter is located on the southern COAST of the fertile Yangtze River Delta and is located in the central part of the well-known Zhangjiagang city. It is beside the 204 National Highway and the river-side high-speed, and near the Zhangjiagang port and bonded area close.

Zhangjiagang Headquarter:

Jiangsu Shayin Group Chairman: Tan Wubin

Jiangsu Shayin Group Vice Chairman、General manager:Lu Yuliang

ShaYin SheYang Industrial Park:

Jiangsu Shayin Group Sheyang Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd.
General manager:Lu Yuliang

SHAYIN SHEYANG Industrial Park is located in the Jiangsu Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industrial Park. Jiangsu Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industrial Park, formerly known as the Yancheng Ecological Dyeing and Finishing Industrial Concentration Zone approved in 2008, was established as the Yancheng Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industrial Park approved by Jiangsu Province in March 2014 and is one of the characteristic industrial parks in Yancheng City. The overall plan is designed by the China Textile Planning and Design Institute, with a short-term planning area of 11.36 square kilometers and a long-term planning area of 23.3 square kilometers. It is divided into six areas: dyeing and finishing core area, high-end weaving area, science and technology R & D area, clothing home textile area, supporting service area and storage and logistics area. The water source of Hongze Lake introduced by the irrigation channel in northern Jiangsu is rich; the provincial road S226 runs through the whole region and is 20 km away from the coastal high-speed; the regional environmental impact report is approved by the Environmental Protection Department of Jiangsu Province; and the sewage discharge port into the sea is approved by the Provincial Oceanic and Fisheries Bureau. From 2009 to the time of Sheyang site selection, and the investment and construction began in 2010, the first phase of the 1,000 mu land project that has been requisitioned has basically been completed and has formed a production capacity with an annual output of 80 million meters of printed and dyed fabrics. Various infrastructures have been basically well-equipped: there are currently 75 tons of circulation fluidized bed boiler , one 6 MW backpressure generator set , and one 12 MW Back-drawn generator set, with stable energy supply. The built 20 thousand tons of tap water and daily treatment capacity of 10 thousand tons of sewage treatment facilities have been put into use. The unique management model and advanced concept advocating science of SHAYIN Group are reliable guarantees for healthy development. Printing & Dyeing has always won the market with first-class quality and first-class services around four major business elements: quality, market, price and services. The enterprise has passed the ISO9000 quality system certification and ISO14000 environmental system certification, passed the evaluation and acceptance of national export Class I enterprises and national exemption enterprises, and "Pipa Dance" brand products has won the famous brand products of Jiangsu Province. SHAYIN GROUP will achieve win-win cooperation with you. We sincerely welcome you!