Jiangsu Shayin Group

ZhangJiaGang Branch Plant II


Branch FACTORY NO.II is a main branch factory of SHAYIN Group with 450 employees. The main printing and dyeing equipment includes: 8 circle net decorating machine (one of which is MBK magnetic bar decorating machine imported from Germany), 2 continuous rolling-DYEING machines, 2 cold rolling pile dyeing machines, 30 high-speed and efficient velveting machines, as well as its supporting auxiliary equipment such as straight roll mercerizing machine, ultra-strong preshrink machine, edge-shearing machine and carbon fiber grinding machine. The annual production capacity is more than 75 million meters, and foreign exchange earnings from exports are 70 million US dollars. The main printing and dyeing products are spun rayon and pure cotton plain cloth , poplin , twill and satin drill, pure cotton flannel ,cotton-VISCOSE flannel, bunchy fiber flannel, etc. The products are exported to various continents. The factory passed ISO9001 quality system certification in 2003, and passed the review and acceptance of "clean production" by Suzhou Environmental Protection Bureau and Suzhou Economic Commission in 2004.









Product Catalog

Product Name Specification Width
Spunrayon printing and dyeing shirting 32X32 62X58 36"
32X32 62X54 36"
32X32 64X60 36"
32X32 68X68 44"/58"
30X30 68X68 44"/58"
20X20 60X60 44"/58"
40X40 110X70 58"
45X45 100X80 58"
60X60 90X88 58"
Pure cotton flannel printing and dyeing 24X13 42X44 36"/43"/58"
20X10 40X42 36"/43"/58"
20X20/2 42X44 43"/58"
21X21 64X54 43"/58"
32X20 64X66 43"/58"
32X32 100X70 58"
Cotton/bunchy fiber fannel printing and dyeing 20X10 40X42 43"
Pure cotton printing and dyeing shirting 20X20 60X60 44"/58"
30X30 68X68 44"/58"
32X32 68X68 44"/58"
40X40 133X72 58"
40X40 120X60 58"
60X60 90X88 58"
Pure cotton double-layer fabric printing and dyeing 40X40 115X97 58"
40X40 133X96 58"
40X40 115X84 58"
50X50 150X120 58"
30X30 120X80 58"